Organization Part 3

The second part to organizing the home, is that the homemaker maintains her things. We have all heard the common saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” How many of us follow it?

There are many ways in which we can follow the above statement. The first step is to answer the questions, do I really know where everything is? Are the places where I keep my things neat and easy for others to use? If you answered “no” to the first question, then that will be your next chore. It is time to go through your house and put your things in order. If you answered “yes” to the first, but “no” to the second, then your next chore will be to neaten up the cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc.

How do you organize your home? This is a fairly open question. You should order your home according to what works best for you. One way of organizing might work for your neighbor, but not for you. Everyone has different lives and different ways in which to go about things. The goal, however, is that whatever way you do it, your home is neat and orderly.

Here are a few steps that might help you as you journey towards bringing order into your home!

  1. Get rid of stuff! This is huge! How many of us, have items in the home that we hardly ever touch or don’t realize we have until we are cleaning a room one day? If you don’t use it, wear it, or even think about it, you should probably give it away. This will help open up space. It will also help give the home a cleaner look! There are lots of places that take donations; i.e. Goodwill, a pregnancy center, St. Vincent De Paul Society, etc. You could also have a yard sale! This is a great opportunity to make a little extra cash!
  2. Go to the Dollar Tree or Dollar General: Yes, go shopping! Shop for containers. Both of these stores have great containers for only one dollar! You can get so much for only 15-20 bucks! Also, make use of the containers that you have at home. Getting rid of stuff will help make some available.
  3. Pick a room to start in: Don’t overwhelm yourself! Take it one room at a time.
  4. Pull everything out of the cabinets! If you are in a room with cabinets, i.e. Kitchen or Bathroom, empty them. Go through what is in them. Throw away any expired food and empty soap bottle/boxes.
  5. Put things in containers. For the kitchen, put all your bagged, dry goods in a plastic container. This will help keep little critters away! In the bathroom, put your makeup, hair supplies, and extra bath items in a box or bin. (Pencil holders work great for ponytail holders and bobby pins!)
  6. Step back and see what you think!

After using these steps, show your children and husband where everything goes. Hopefully, they will learn, too.

If you have any organization ideas or questions, please feel free to write them in the comment boxes below! We would love to hear from you!