A House of Prayer

 “My house shall be called a house of prayer” Mark 11:17

20170612_122455Is your home a house of prayer? If someone came over for a visit, would they be able to say that your home is definitely a Catholic home? Are there reminders of our heavenly friends scattered throughout it? In order for our homes to be places of peace, joy, and love for Our Lord, they must be places of prayer.  They should be filled with constant reminders of our final goal.

Why is this important? One of the main jobs of a homemaker is the sanctification of her children. She is to guide them on their way to salvation. She will be held accountable for their souls and the way in which they turn out.

She is also responsible for the soul of her husband. One of the greatest tasks of marriage is to bring your spouse with you into eternity. We are called to help each other obtain Heaven and to pray for one another.

So, what are some ways that we can turn our homes into houses of prayer?

  1. Set up a prayer table/home altar. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it. Having this in your home will enable you to have a sacred space. It will give you a place for your rosaries, statues, Bible, etc. It will also give everyone something to look at when you have your family devotion time. I am including a picture of ours in the article, as an example. There are also some examples on the blog’s Pinterest page. 
  2. Have a family devotion time. “The Family that prays together, stays together.” This saying we have all heard and it is a very true statement. Prayer time should be incorporated into your daily routine. It should be at a time when everyone is present. I know that you are thinking, “But my older children are always gone or too busy with extra-curricular activities.” This may be true, however, it is important for them to pray with you. If they have a friend over, invite them to join you. If they have somewhere to go, do it before they go or wait until they come back. The prayer time should not be very long, especially if you have little ones.( A rosary only takes fifteen to thirty minutes. )
  3. Have images throughout your house. Religious pictures and quotes are wonderful to have. They can remind us throughout the day to offer a quick prayer for someone or something. They also remind the children of the spiritual world and how it is always present.

There are many other ways to bring prayer into your families. If prayer is continually reiterated in your homes then your children and husbands will flourish. They will be more ready to adhere to what Our Lord is calling them to be.

What are some ways that you bring prayer into the home? Please answer in the comment boxes below. We would love to hear some more ideas!