Homemaker Links

Links for Homemakers:

Another Catholic Mom blogger:


These following writers are not Catholic. However, they have wonderful teachings on how to be a wife, mother, and keeper of the home.

Above Rubies:  http://aboverubies.org/index.php

No Greater Joy:  http://nogreaterjoy.org

https://youngwifesguide.com – A young Mom’s site.



Teaching tools for the family:

http://www.looktohimandberadiant.com – Katie has countless coloring pages, activities, and ideas on how to impart the Faith to your children.

http://www.catholicicing.com – another great site for how to celebrate feast days, prepare your child for sacraments, etc.

https://marydonellan.wordpress.com – a young Catholic woman’s blog on the Faith and the Traditional Latin Mass

http://livemass.net/LiveMass/home.html – The Latin Mass daily. This is from the Fraternity of St. Peter and it provides all the readings, calendar, and breviary for the Latin Rite.

https://www.catholicgentleman.net – Great site for your husbands and sons!

http://www.traditionalcatholicliving.com- This site is full of information on teaching your  families Traditional Catholic Hymns.

Cooking 101:

http://www.amish365.com – If you like simple, cheap, meals that feed everyone, this is the site for you! You can find hundreds of recipes, provided by the Amish.

http://joyfilledeats.com – if you are looking for a gluton free, vegetarian diet, that is pretty easy to prepare, please check this site out!

https://trimhealthymama.com- Another great healthy site!  This is a method of dieting, but also a healthier way of eating. It can be enjoyed by all!

Music that is good for the Soul:


http://www.catholicdevotionalhymns.com- This site contains playlists of all the Traditional Catholic Hymns.